My name is Jeff…


My name is Jeff, I am a board game addict.

I guess it all started over 13 years ago when I started hanging out at my first game shop.  Back then I was just a CCG player, I enjoyed (and still do enjoy) Magic and Legend of the Five Rings.  I was slowly introduced to these strange board games I never heard of before! Games like Robo Rally, Settlers of Catan and Samurai Swords.  Back then I was too young to really grasp the stragety, but I enjoyed playing!  Things sure have changed now I am much older, but unfortunately too stupid to fully formulate strategy in these types of games. Ask anybody I play with.

Aside from being a fun social activity, board games always remind me of specific times in my life.  Playing Clue and Monopoly with my parents when I was younger, getting together with college friends for The Princes of Florence and Ticket to Ride, or completely raging out and flipping a table over during (many) games of Risk.  Every time I crack open a game and smell the contents I am whisked away too much simpler and happier times.  The feeling always fades after I lose whatever game I am playing and try to punch a hole in the wall. Or flip over a table.  Or both.  I am usually not in the running for sportsmanship awards 😦

Take last night for example; I played a game of Ticket to Ride with some friends.  On the FIRST TURN somebody played a train that completely ruined all of my plans. Did I take this like an adult and re-route and change my plans?  Of course not!  I spent the entire game getting revenge by building trains like a drunk railroad planner and tried to screw my opponents over at every turn. Was this the smartest idea? No, I came in last place.  Did it feel good? You bet it did.

Maybe my problem is not board game addiction… reading this makes me think I have some serious anger issues.  Oh well, it’s all in the name of fun!



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